(CO) Carbon Monoxide is an odurless, colourless and tasteless poisonous gas sometimes called “The Silent Killer.”

Carbon Monoxide alarms complying with the EN 50291 standard, can be used in conjunction with regular inspection and maintenance of appliances as a back up warning to house holders in the event of a dangerous build up of CO.

They are however no substitute for regular saftey checks carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Incomplete combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal with a lack of oxygen and / or interference of the flame are two main reasons of incomplete combustion.

In cases where the combustion process is disturded the production of carbon monoxide may be the result and unfortunately may cause non-fatal unintentional CO poisoning, illness or even death.

Symptoms of CO Poisioning may be similar to illnesses such as a cold or flu, and may included, dizziness, sickness, diarrhoea, stomach pains, watering eyes, palpitations, general lethargy, headaches and muscle weakness.

You could be in danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning at home as a result of any or a combination of the following:

  • Faulty or damaged heating appliances.
  • Blocked vents, chimneys or flues.
  • Heating appliances not serviced or maintained.
  • Rooms not properly ventilated.
  • Using cooking appliances for heating purposes.

If you or anyone in your home believes CO may be the cause of any of these symptoms, open all windows and doors to allow fresh air into the house and seek urgent medical advice.

STOP using the suspect appliance immediately and DO NOT use it again until it has been checked by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.